Our members have been working in the education sector since 1982 and have over the years emerged as market leaders in the field. Starting as teacher educators and educational researchers. Today we have a solid reputation in the basic education and TVET sub-sectors.

Our expertise in education as a whole, and more specifically in the basic education and TVET sub-sectors include:

  • Teacher training and education
  • Gender in education
  • Development of curriculum support materials
  • Development of co-curricular materials
  • School improvement
  • Life skills education
  • Value-based education
  • Inclusion and equity in education
  • Qualitative and participatory research
  • School water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

Child Rights

We believe that every child has the right to live a happy and dignified life in an environment in which their talents can be nurtured. Sadly, millions of children in the world face situations that threaten and devalue their survival, development, and happiness, even where material deprivation or poverty is non-existent.

Jaslika advocates for the holistic development and wellbeing of all children, especially the most vulnerable and excluded. Our areas of focus include a child’s right to:

  • Survival and development, Protection
  • Health, Education
  • Self expression and freedom of thought
  • Healthy environment
  • Access to special education
  • Food and nutrition
  • Information

We believe that positive investment made on behalf of children yields positive outcomes. We draw on our combined years of expertise to design evidence-based child welfare and rights programmes and support policy analysis that influences positive change in the lives of children.

The Environment

It is important for everyone to enjoy living in a healthy environment. This is not the case in a number of areas, particularly in semi-urban and rural communities (including poorer urban areas). One of the biggest challenges that face these communities is lack of adequate waste management services. It is vital to encourage sound environmental decentralized waste management practices and policies in these areas.

Jaslika Consulting is able to provide suitable low technology solutions in order to achieve successful decentralized waste management practices. In addition, we provide holistic solutions so that all members of the community are involved to ensure long-term sustainability of these practices.


Jaslika Consulting uses digital technologies and data to find solutions for our clients in the education, child rights and environment sectors. We add value through intelligent data utilization, visualisation and innovation in  

  • Monitoring projects
  • Assuring quality outcomes
  • Communicating findings and lessons learnt

We also have capability to adapt and develop customised software applications and tools for

  • Data collection and management
  • Data analysis
  • Infographics and visualisation