Connecting the Dots: Character Formation and Value-based Education

Jaslika Director, Sheila Wamahiu, was invited to present a talk at the Value-based Education segment of the Smart Governance Conference organised by the Jesuit Hakimani Centre on 12th June, 2019. She was also invited to make a brief presentation at the closing plenary session. Her talk is presented below, slightly modified from this blog. The session on Value-based Education was moderated by Samuel Mukundi, a co-associate of Jaslika, in his capacity as a member of the Catholic Professionals Group. The recording of her talk was transcribed by Ernest Onguko.

Reflections on Twaweza’s Ideas & Evidence Conference

At the end of the Ideas & Evidence Conference, Jaslika Director Sheila Wamahiu was asked to share her candid thoughts and reflections on the previous two days of the meeting as one of four members of what the organisers called the “Wise Council”. These are some of her insights.

The Beggar Child and the Magic Box: Experiences and Insights from Qualitative Research and Development

The Jaslika Director was invited to give a keynote address by the University of Eldoret, Kenya at its inaugural postgraduate students’ research conference organised under the theme “Research, Science and Sustainable Development in Kenya”. This blog is an elaboration of the  talk, which was delivered on 24th May 2018, and has been slightly modified for the digital platform.