Value-based Education in Kenya: An Exploration of Meanings and Practices.

Wamahiu, Sheila Parvyn (2017). Value-based Education in Kenya: An Exploration of Meanings and Practices. Nairobi: Women Educational Researchers of Kenya & Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

This Study offers insights into the meanings and practices of Value-­based Education in Kenya. It contends that the examination focus of the education system is a major deterrent to the development of a culture of values and ethics in and through schools. It argues that the absence of values and ethical practices is the common denominator associating acts of corruption, criminality and terrorism in the wider society on the one hand, and cultures of violence, abuse and impunity in educational institutions on the other. Education policy makers, opinion leaders and implementers must recognize these inter-­linkages in order to address challenges confronting contemporary society, both Kenyan and global.

The Report strongly recommends:

  1. Adoption of a whole school approach where the teaching and learning of positive values is seamless and reflected in the ethos of the school.

  2. Integration of four core values ---Respect, Tolerance, Equality and Peace---into the curriculum at all levels of education, including early learning and teacher training.

  3. Elimination of the culture of “mean score” and “certification” by:

    1. Equitable re-distribution of resources to bridge gaps between the few elite schools and vast majority of public schools.

    2. Comprehensive examinations reform that at a minimum scraps KCPE, replacing it with a system of assessment that moves away from the narrow focus on regurgitating facts to recognition of the learning needs of the whole child, and is age-appropriate, respects child rights and is values-friendly.

  4. Enforcement of policies and laws incorporating the four core values and reviewing school rules and regulations to align with the values and principles stipulated in the Kenyan Constitution.

  5. Intensification of parental education and community sensitization through partnership with civil society and faith-based organizations on Value-based Education and with an emphasis on the core values.