Co-creating Tools for Measuring Impact of Life Skills on Adolescents: Insights from a Scoping Study in East Africa

The assessment of the impact of Life Skills suggesting continue to be elusive for both ministries of education and civil society organisations. In consideration of this, in October 2018, Echidna Giving ( commissioned parallel studies in India and East Africa with the aim of exploring the viability of supporting civil society organisations to co-create tools to assess the impact of life skills interventions on adolescents. This report presents the findings and recommendations from the East African study undertaken by Jaslika Consulting. The report shares findings from the study and makes recommendations on the way forward.

Both the Indian and the East African studies were commissioned for Echidna’s Givings own internal learning and discussions, and were not meant to be definitive research on the state of the life skills sector. This notwithstanding, in validating the findings, many of the participating civil society organisations from the East African region commended the study as relevant and useful for their own programming.

Educational Situation of the Kenyan Girl Child.

Educational Situation of the Kenyan Girl Child.

This study led by Dr Sheila Wamahiu was the first comprehensive analysis of education of the girl-child in Kenya. Though conducted over two decades ago, issues such as the gross abuse of children’s rights in schools, widening of gender disparities to the disadvantage of girls as one ascends the education ladder, their continued marginalization in STEM, and the pockets of male disadvantage in some geographical locations that were flagged in the report remain current.